Origami Yoda Book 1: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Origami Yoda Book 1:  The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Okay, so the big question is this: is Origami Yoda for real? As in, can this little origami finger puppet Yoda really give advice that will help make this whole surviving middle school thing a little easier? Dwight created Yoda and he's the kid who has Yoda stuck on the end of his finger. He insists the advice doesn't come from him-it all comes from Yoda and one by one, socially awkward kids are asking for help from a piece of folded paper. Should Tommy ask Hannah to dance? Ask Yoda. What do you do when you get your pants wet you-know-where and you have to go back to class like that? Ask Yoda. But is Yoda real? Or is something else going on here? You need to know that Dwight is not the obvious choice for Mr. Answer Man. I mean this is the kid who bumped into the popular girl at the dance and spilled her drink. To make things worse he volunteered to clean up the spill by getting down on the floor of the cafeteria and scooching around on his stomach to soak the soda up with his tee shirt. He also dances wildly at random moments. Tommy's friend, Harvey, thinks the whole Yoda thing is totally bogus but as you read along you begin to feel, along with the characters, the hope that Yoda really can help and that there really is a "force" behind that little piece of green origami paper, light saber and all. This is absolutely fabulous. Funny and feels like you're right inside the skin of these young adolescents and you're groping and suffering and trying to figure it all out right along with them. Best part is watching Dwight and beginning to realize he may be so insightful and wise but it's all hidden inside. Perfect for the kids who love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Don't miss it. 160 pages Ages 9-13

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