The Revenge of the Shadow King: Grey Griffins, Book One

The Revenge of the Shadow King: Grey Griffins, Book One

Max, Natalia, Ernie, and Harley are a group of the bestest of best friends. Together they form their very own secret society, called the Order of the Grey Griffins. They meet every week to play a game called Roundtable, very similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but they will find it a much more consequential part of their lives. It was up until the end of summer that they that they were just that group of friends playing a game, but life always has a way of throwing curveballs.

In the first book of this action-packed trilogy, Max Sumner learns that his family history and his own future is one of the most important roles in the world. He is the beneficiary of the magical book, Codex Spiritus. Within the book are pages upon pages of mythical creatures and magical powers that will burst from the book and cause the greatest of havoc in Avalon, Minn., and the world, if the Grey Griffins can't put all the wickedness back in the book. In the 24 chapters of this book, it is up to Max and his three friends to protect the Codex from all evils of the world, especially the Shadow King.

Every reader will find a character to relate to in this book. Max is the Master of the Grey Griffins, but more so he is a boy amidst a nasty divorce. Natalia is the Chief Detective, but is also a girl of high fashion and a serious love of unicorns. Harvey is the Warden, the friend who will stand up to any bully threatening him or any of his dearest friends, but he is also a young engineer who adores building go-carts. And Ernie may just be the Steward, but he is also a boy with a bottomless appetite and a skittish fear of anything that may harm him or his friends. This group of heroes is fully three dimensional.

Children and adults who delighted in the thrill of Harry Potter, or even The DaVinci Code, will find themselves addicted to the words on the page. The depth of the 369 pages will have even the most seasoned readers broadening their vocabulary, refreshing themselves on their medieval history, and wanting to share this series with all of their friends.

Recommended by Maddie Reynolds

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