The Rain Train

The Rain Train
This is one of the most musical books I've read in a long, long time.
First you have to get the beat..."When the rain fingers drum out a dance on the pane, When the windows are foggy enough for my name,
A pitter-pat-pat, a pitter-pat-pat
A pittery-pittery-pittery-pat"
A small child watches out the window as the rain begins to fall all around the very diverse neighborhood or all over the world...take your pick. Then, it's time to get aboard the rain train and a line of passengers forms each carrying a brightly striped umbrella, some waving goodbye and many including the conductor, wearing their pajamas. Night has fallen and out into the darkness steams our train, Ca-shish, ca-shish. Whoosing and swishing and roaring and whistling the train streaks through the night and always and ever we hear the sound of "a pitter-pat-pat, a pitter-pat-pat." Surrounded by darkness and storm, the lights inside the train glow and outside its searching headlamp lights the way. Soothing teapots tip out a fresh cup to the pajama wearing passengers nestled cozily inside. Then, time to slip into the safety of the sleeper where the sounds can be heard but the storm cannot reach. Morning comes and the new sun rises and gifts us with a brand new freshly scrubbed day. What a great story time book and what a great bedtime read. Ages 3-7 32 pages

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