The Raft

The Raft

Tired of being told what to do? Wish you could make all of your own decisions?

Fifteen year old Robie has arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii to stay with her Aunt A.J. for a much needed escape from her life on Midway Island. Midway is a great laboratory for Robie's scientist parents and has taught Robie a great deal about nature, ecology, flora and fauna but the cell phone service, limited television and lack of peers make it pretty stifling. It's so much better to spend your time getting a diamond stud as you pierce your nose and so much better to go to the movies, eating out at restaurants, and having the independence you crave.

Getting attacked on the streets isn't part of the plan. Spending a night listening to every little sound and feeling terrified isn't part of the plan either.

So, Robie makes an adult decision and boards a cargo plane to go back to home and the protection and reassurance of her parents.

Cue the Jaws music.

Exactly what do you do when the plane goes down? Exactly what do you do when you aren't worried about henna tattoos anymore's more like what is that dark shape swimming in the water and is this guy, Max, the co-pilot going to wake up and come up with a plan or not?

Quasi journal entries invite us to live moment by moment what it's like to be the one in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on our own with no adult supervision and having to rely on our own skills and knowledge of survival tactics. Mistakes will be made. Danger will be present.

This one is great for kids who love to imagine being in a difficult situation and wondering how they would handle it.  What is your life worth?  Is there anything out there to help you or are you alone?

It's a combination of adventure, suspense and putting yourself into the character's shoes to see how you would survive in the world where nature has most of the good cards.  Fast-paced. Ages 12 and up 231 pages 978-0312650100

Recommended by: Barb

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