The Queen of the Dead

The Queen of the Dead

Will Killian and Alona Dare are quite an impressive team--with Will's good looks and kind manners and Alona's vivacious smile and homecoming-queen demeanor, they are laugh-out-loud funny and verbally spar throughout the novel. Only one thing is wrong -- Alona is dead, yep, dead. She hasn't been able to "move on" and has found Will, a spirit-talker. She becomes his ghost-talking sidekick as they try to figure out why she can't seem to find her way into the afterlife.

When Will realizes his "gift" is not the only one around, and that there's a whole society of people like him, he gravitates toward them -- leaving Alona alone and jealous.

Poor Alona--so alive and popular in life, now dead and dissed by her "almost" boyfriend and soon to be forgotten by her parents. Her mother has started cleaning her room, throwing out Alona's possessions and her father has remarried and now has a baby girl on the way. What's a ghost girl to do?

Starving for attention from Will and trying to reconnect with her parents, Alona visits Mina, a classmate who is in a coma. Somehow Alona and Mina get combined or merged and Alona's now trapped in Mina's body. How will she reach Will now?

Fun, funny, serious ghost-busting paraphernalia, and high school hi-jinks!

Recommended grades 8-up. You don't have to read book one to understand this novel but it may make more sense to start with The Ghost and the Goth.

Recommended by Pamela Thompson, MLIS, Library Media Specialist, Texas

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