The Princess and the Pizza

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The Princess and the Pizza

Princess Paulina has a problem or two. Her father, the king, has given up his throne to become a wood carver but he's just getting the business started and the cupboard is pretty bare. Princess Paulina decides to get a job of her own. She misses the days of the Princess Wave and walking the Royal Peacock around the castle gardens. She sets forth and stumbles upon one storybook princess after another beginning with the whole pea under the mattresses thing. A bevy of princesses is vying for the prince's hand. There's the one with the long braid and the other with the seven little men who follow her around.Things take a real turn for the worse when Paulina is assigned the task of preparing a feast for the prince and then is told all the losers will lose their heads. What no spinning straw into gold or guessing the little man's name? This is an absolute hoot of a book and a fabulous read aloud. Can your listeners guess the storybook characters who are sprinkled among the pages? Ages 4-7 32 pages

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