The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog!

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The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog!

Our valiant hero, Pigeon, has found a hot dog and is just getting ready for the first bite. Then, along comes Duck with a few pertinent questions to ask of Pigeon. Subtly, Duck is trying to get a bite of that wonderful hot dog. What is Pigeon to do? This is a great moral dilemma story for young listeners. Ages 4-8

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This book is about pigeon finding a hot dog and a little duck who wants it. I like the part when the pigeon yells, “That’s it!” It was very funny. It had a happy ending. I recommend this book to kids who like fun books and happy endings.

Gabriella Q. Grade 1 Mrs. Gutberlet’s First Grade Class, StateRoad Elementary, Webster, NY
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