The Night Fairy

The Night Fairy

Sometimes it takes some hard lessons to teach us how to be our best selves. Flora is less than three months old when she is grabbed from the air by a bat and tumbles to the ground with her wings torn off and her life as a night fairy changed in one fell swoop. Luckily she finds herself a home in the garden of a giantess and begins to take care of herself and heal. Unable to fly, it's difficult for Flora to get from place to place until she meets a squirrel and bargains with him for rides on his back in trade for food. Then, one day Flora spots a hummingbird. It's a beautiful bird and she makes up her mind she is going to harness one as her new steed. As Flora is making new friends in the garden, she's also learning about getting along with others, using her power to sting, and most importantly that sometimes you give to someone else and ask nothing in return. Flora is a bit on the Tinkerbell side of the fairy world as she flexes her fairy muscles and takes on a few comers.

Recommended by:  Barb


Flory is a
young night fairy.  Since the age of three days, she has been able to take
care of herself.  Flory knows which creatures pose a threat, and which are
harmless to her kind.  The little fairy delights in her nighttime world
until a bat, mistaking her for prey, severely damages Flory’s wings–making it
impossible for her to fly.

The spunky
youngster resists the urge to cry, and determines what to do next. (She is too
young to cast a spell to regrow her wings.)  Flory notices that she has fallen into a
cherry tree planted in a giant’s garden, and discovers a strange box with a
round door hole in the side attached to a branch.  Unaware that giants sometimes put such boxes
out for birds to live in, Flory decides it will be a perfect home.  Exhausted after her ordeal, she sleeps,
awakens briefly, sleeps again, and wakes up on a bright, sunny morning–the
first she, being a night fairy, has ever seen.  Even though Flory is not used to light, she is
enchanted by the daytime world: the birds, flowers, blue sky, and absence of
bats (who she is determined to hate forever).  So Flory makes a momentous decision: she will
be a day fairy.

With the
help of some new friends, including Skuggle, a squirrel who will do anything in
return for food, the little fairy (no bigger than an acorn) begins to make her
way in her new world. When Flory learns that she must also give to others in
return and faces a formidable foe to protect another, she receives assistance
from an unexpected source.

author Laura Amy Schlitz has penned a delightful, unusual tale that is sure to
be popular with readers who enjoy a heartwarming, meaningful story.  Angela Barrett’s luminous illustrations are a
treasure.  Flory’s journey of discovery
will resonate with any child who has ever faced adversity or serious injury, or
who lives with a disability.  Readers
will be uplifted by her courage and spirit.  128 pages.
Ages 7-10

Recommended by:  Basya Karp, Librarian, New York USA

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