The Naturals, Book 1 (The Naturals, Book 1)


17 year old Cassie notices things.  She can look at a stranger for a few seconds and know how he'd like his eggs, if he prefers basketball or golf and if he has children at home. But she didn't see this coming.

The FBI has noticed Cassie.  They call her a Natural and they want to train her to be extraordinary.  They want her to become a powerful FBI weapon, to be a profiler, and to find and stop serial killers.

She's only supposed to work on old files not the live cases.  But there is a serial killer at large and that killer is coming closer and closer.  

The voice of a serial killer - nameless but angry and violent- interweaves with the journey of Cassie.  As she is being trained to "analyze crime scenes, pour over witness testimony, and track serial killers," the tense voice of the killer is horrifying in its insanity and blood lust.  

Violent and sadistic there are now four bodies and counting.  Does Cassie have a choice?  After all, she was the one who found her mother's blood soaked body.  This is a chilling, taut suspense thriller not for the faint of heart.

Ages 14 and up  (violence, horror)   308 pages   978-1423168232

Recommended by:  Barb,


Five years ago seventeen-year-old Cassie walked into her mother’s dressing room only to find a bloody crime scene with no evidence of where her mother might be or even if she is alive.
She has always had the ability to profile people by looking at their tiniest details and piecing them together to see who they are and what they are thinking. Now with her mother missing and presumed dead and her father overseas she is sent to live with her grandmother.
One day she is approached by the FBI to join their elite young profilers unit. She relocates to Quantico, VA where she lives with 4 other teenagers who have abilities similar to hers where they are called “The Naturals.”
Dean can read people on sight, Michael can understand people’s emotions, Sloane can analyze facts and numbers and Lia can instantly know if a person is lying.
The kids have been gathered together to help them learn how to use and hone their skills but when a cold case assignment starts to involve them it becomes harder and harder for their superiors to keep them uninvolved and safe.

Recommended by:  Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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