The Name of This Book Is Secret

The Name of This Book Is Secret

Be very careful as you open this book. This is a secret story that contains a secret. In fact it's so secret that the author cannot reveal the true names of the characters or even the real setting where the story takes place. For the sake of having a story, we're going to let you imagine the entire scenario unfolding in your own hometown and for the sake of the story, we're going to make up some names for the characters.

Meet Cass and Max-Ernest. Don't ask about the two names. Cass is a girl who always wants to be prepared so she travels with a backpack loaded with a mylar space blanket, a dust mask, rope and juice which can be drunk or used as ink.

Max-Ernest is brilliant. Together they are about to launch into the adventure of a lifetime. It all begins when Gloria, the real estate agent, shows up at Cass' two grandfather's store with a box of junk from the home of a magician who has just passed on.... or has he? He has left behind a box containing a Symphony of Scents and a notebook containing clues.

His death is a mystery and Cass and Max-Ernest are determined to solve it. Little do they realize the danger they are heading into. The magician was no ordinary man and his notebook and Symphony of Scents are no ordinary clues. If you lean really close, I'm going to whisper a word to you. Closer. The word is immortality. Yes my friends, immortality.

Consider carefully if you truly believe you have the courage it will take to read this book, to follow along as Cass and Max-Ernest risk their lives to save the life of one Benjamin Blake. For kids who have read and loved the Lemony Snicket's Unfortunate Events this book will keep the party going. 360 pages Ages 9-12

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