The Midnight Gate

The Midnight Gate

The sequel to Spellbinder is even more action packed than the first book. While at first things seem to have returned to normal in Belladonna’s life, things quickly get strange again when the Kere, the scary winged servants of the Queen of the Abyss, return and the last paladin appears with a dire warning for Steve about what went wrong for the previous Spellbinder. In addition, Belladonna has been taken away from her parents and placed into the strange custody of the Proctors. With nobody able to reach her other family members and the world coming into crisis, the Spellbinder and the Paladin need all the help they can get. Even if that help must come from a sinister source.

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Recommended by Lori Shiver, Librarian, Georgia, USA


“It’s been two months since Belladonna Johnson discovered she was the Spellbinder, and she’s full of questions about her powers. When a ghost finds Belladonna and her friend Steve, and gives them a mysterious map, the two don’t know if they should be looking for or hiding from the one person who holds the answers to Belladonna’s powers, the Queen of the Abyss.”

Picking up the action a few months after Spellbinder (which you do not need to have read, although it is helpful), twelve-year-old Belladonna Johnson and her paladin or protector  Steve need to solve the riddle the former paladin has left them when he appears while the two are on a field trip to an old Abbey.  Belladonna begins to understand her role as Spellbinder when she is challenged to face the Queen of the Abyss.  You do not need to have read the first book, although it would be helpful in providing the backstory as to how Belladonna became Spellbinder and what that means.

ISBN: 978-0312387648

Reviewed by:  Alice L. Cyphers, Librarian and Reading Specialist, Pennsylvania, USA

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