The Memory Bank

The Memory Bank

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Arthur A. Levine Books, 2010
Character-Building Curriculum

Hope Scroggins is a champion dreamer.She ought to be, considering that sleep is the only refuge she has from her wretched parents and the abandoned little sister she has been ordered to forget.In her dreams, Hope is desperately searching for a way to reunite with sweet sister Honey, the person she loves most in the world.But there’s a problem—because she spends so much time dreaming instead of living, Hope’s memory deposits become dangerously low and she is summoned into the World Wide Memory Bank itself by its supervisor, stern Sterling Prion.Taken under the wing of ditzy Violette, the Guardian of the Dream Vault, Hope finds that she loves her new life at the WWMB and sets about working there while she replenishes her memory deposits.Still, she continues to dream, and her deepest wishes of finding Honey start to weigh on her more and more.Meanwhile, an organization called the Clean Slate Gang is causing trouble for the bank, clogging the works with lollipops, setting bonfires, and causing panic.Somehow, even in the midst of chaos, Hope knows that she has to find a way to see Honey again.Readers will love brave Hope and her unconventional tale, especially the extensive incorporation of the whimsical artwork.This is a dreamy combination of artwork and prose that will mystify and satisfy.288 pages.

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian.

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