The Magic Finger

The Magic Finger

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Puffin (1966 Harper & Row)

Deer hunting anyone? Not if you live next door to this little eight year old girl. This little girl does not like hunting and when she happens to see her neighbors on their way home from a successful hunt carrying a deer, her anger gets the better of her. Now, what you ask might an eight year old girl do to an entire family? Plenty if it's this little girl.

She has a magic finger. This magic finger shoots its electric sparks in the direction of whomever has raised her ire and the consequences are unpredictable and wild. The Gregg family is about to find out just how much power she has in her pointer finger. One day they are happy in their home with their fresh deer meat and the next day they are looking down the other end of that gun barrel and find themselves locked out of their own home and trying to build a good nest.

This is a wonderful yarn with a heartfelt message about the injustice of hunting wild creatures. It's humorous and adventurous at the same time it's offering its lesson about seeing hunting through the eye of the hunted. A great read-aloud. 63 pages Ages 6-9

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