The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

Say goodbye to the little red hen of yore and a big hello to the bunny slipper sporting chicken of today. After a relaxing cup of chickweed tea, our red hen gets hungry and decides to make a yummy pizza. But she doesn't have a pizza pan. Someone will have to go to the store to buy one. Leaning out the window our hen calls to her friends and neighbors. Cat, dog and duck all answer with a resounding "Not I." We all know who went to the store to buy the pan.

This lazy no good threesome continues to offer no assistance even when our hen needs flour, mozzarella and the good things for toppings. Hen as always heads out on her own to take care of every little detail of the pizza making. Search the illustrations and you'll be rewarded with little bits of humor here and there. The hen's money is moo-laa and a sharp eye will find a guide to installing a kitchen sink in hen's shopping basket.

This is a highly entertaining version of the long told little red hen story. This time we end up sharing a pizza and just maybe, deciding to give a little something back to our very gracious and forgiving friend. Ages 4-7 32 pages

Recommended by: Barb

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