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The Kid Who Ran for President

The Kid Who Ran for President

What happens when 12-year-old Judson Moon's friend Lane convinces him to run for President? Find out in this hilarious story that follows Judd's campaign from getting his name on the ballot all the way through election night, and beyond.

"Hi! My name is Judson Moon. I'm twelve years old and I'm running for President of the YOU-nited States."

So begins Judson's account of how he, with a push from his brainy best friend Lane Brainard, joined the race for the Presidency. It all began the day after Election Day, 1999...

The boys are playing pool in Lane's basement, and the TV is turned on to a program about the upcoming Presidential election year.When his friend suggests Judson has what it takes to be elected in this day and age--personality, presence, looks--he is at first incredulous, but gradually warms to the idea. Reactions from others is mixed: "You're openin' a mighty big can of worms, Judson Moon!" his astute elderly neighbor Mrs. Syers warns. Friends at school snicker. His parents, obsessed with their jobs, don't take him seriously.

But things, and attitudes, begin to change as Judson's campaign heats up. There are a few obstacles, such as raising money, that Constitutional requirement about needing to be 35 to be President, choosing a running mate, finding a First Lady, and getting enough signatures on a petition. How Judson and his campaign manager Lane deal with each hurdle makes for an entertaining lesson in the entire Presidential election process. Suddenly, a boy who is not old enough to vote finds himself poised to change history.

With characteristic wit, author Dan Gutman has penned a laugh-out-loud yet thought-provoking novel. It's a natural for Presidential election years, units on American government, as a read-aloud, or for anyone looking for an engaging, humorous story.

Ages 8-12          978-0545442138        156 pages

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian

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