The Hound of Rowan: The Tapestry, Book One

The Hound of Rowan: The Tapestry, Book One

The warriors charged, battling in the tapestry's ancient cloth as Max watched. Old museum pieces can't move, can they? Stolen paintings, that strange man spying on Max and his dad in the train, and now an invitation from a private academy back East - too many odd things are happening since his mom died.

When the academy recruiter tries to kill him during the interview, Max begins to think that life is getting a bit out of control. But the fake recruiter is just trying to keep him from being a magical secret agent!

Rowan Academy is nothing like 7th grade in Chicago. Max has classes in Strategy, Magic, and Etiquette, along with science and math, plus a bully (well, some things are the same). He will be paired with a mystical creature, learn superhuman martial arts, and be pursued by vile beings determined to wipe out all goodness on Earth... he'd better be a fast learner, as evil approaches Rowan Academy with horrifying speed!

The Hound of the Rowan weaves together venerable legends, incredible creatures, and advanced technology as the first book in The Tapestry series compels readers to cheer for Max and dread the Others who pursue him. 448 pages

Recommended by Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA.

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