Honeybee Man

Honeybee Man

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Schwartz & Wade Books, 2011
Science Curriculum

You are about to enter into a magical world and your doorway to this special place will be a man named Fred, a home in Brooklyn, New York, and three houses with "two white stories and one red story, and inside, thousands of tiny rooms made of wax." Imagine beginning each day with a climb up the ladder to emerge on the rooftop looking out over New York City and there before your very own eyes is another smaller city, the world of bees.

The warm, sensitive illustrations clamor with the joy Fred feels at being accepted into this little world. He knows the wonder of the hive and the road maps the bees follow as they search the neighborhood for the best ingredients for their honey. He imagines them flying and then himself flying and we soar right along with him.

This is a glorious tale that carries us right into the world of the bees and its a place of harmony and humming and hard workers. The bees work is explained clearly and with beautiful pictures breaking the process into a series of steps. The end product is something sweet and Fred shares it with his neighbors who ask, "Where did this honey come from?" With a touch of awe they savor each taste as do we.

Ages 4-9       40 pages

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