The Honest to Goodness Truth

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The Honest to Goodness Truth

"Did you feed and water 'Ol Boss?" Mama calls to Libby. "Yes, Mama," Libby answers as she's heading out the door to play with her friend. Oh, but did she? Mama catches Libby in her lie and now Libby is spending the day on the front porch with plenty of time to think about what Mama said, "Speak the truth and shame the devil." A contrite Libby decides it will be the truth for her from now on. And the truth it is unfortunately for Libby's friends and neighbors. Instead of complimenting her friend Ruthie Mae on her pretty dress, Libby truthfully points out the hole in Ruthie's white sock. But the truth can hurt and as Libby marches truthfully through her day she creates a long line of casualties from her truthful observations. This is a great story for helping young children to understand the nuances of truth and the importance of time and place to avoid a whole bushel of hurt feelings. Told in dialect. Ages 5-9 40 pages

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