The Heist Society

The Heist Society

Katarina Bishop walked away from her life as a thief to go to a normal private school and have a normal life. But, that was before Arturo Taccone, a powerful mobster, accuses her father of having stolen some of his most valuable paintings and he's giving him two weeks to give them back. Unfortunately, her father didn't steal the paintings and now he's being tailed by Interpol. Only Kat with her crew of talented thieves stands a chance of breaking into the impenetrable Henley Museum to get five priceless pieces of art. This is the Thomas Crown Affair done with a teenage girl as the ringleader and the handsome W.W.Hale the Fifth as the arm candy. The plan unfolds one day at a time as in Ten Days Before the Deadline Naples, Italy and Seven Days Before the Deadline, London, England. Who can be trusted? Which guy will Kat choose, Hale, her longtime partner and a billionaire, or the new guy, a talented pickpocket named Nick? The suspense builds as Kat puts the pieces into place and the connection between Kat and Hale quivers and throbs. What a great read! You'll be hoping for a sequel before you even reach the last page. 304 pages Age 11 and up.

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THE HEIST SOCIETY by Ally Carter, Trailer by Sandy Noles of Denton, Texas

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This book was great!! The 2nd one Uncommon criminals was even better. the 3rd one comes out Feb 5, 2013. Kat must fight save her Dad. She also finds out stuff about her and her Family of Thieves. In this intense story she must rob the Henley, and art museum, with some of the best security in the world to save her Dad's life.

Recommended by: Macy
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