The Great Unexpected

The Great Unexpected

All of those things that seem so frightening in your life... can they lose their hold on you? Do we find the people we need at the moments in our lives when we need them the most? Do we attract our fortune or are we drawn to it? Here is a story that explores and answers all of those deeply important questions.

Naomi lives with Joe and Neela on a farm after losing both of her parents early in her life and sacrificing half of her own arm as well. Her best friend, Lizzie, lives with guardians who she is sure will be announcing their plans to adopt her any day now. Across the ocean Sybil sits in a wheelchair. She and her faithful friend, Miss Pilpenny, are planning their revenge. Into these lives strides a boy named Finn who quickly captures Naomi's heart and a strand of spider web spins out to ensnare her.

One by one we are introduced to characters in the nearby town and carefully, with brilliant plotting and timing,  strands weave a web that reach across the ocean and connect life to life and story to story. This is an amazing feat of storytelling that will fascinate and satisfy as the individual stories are revealed and the unexpected connections emerge. Amazing.  240 pages Ages 8-12 978-0061892325

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