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Graveyard Book (The Graveyard Book)

Graveyard Book   (The Graveyard Book)

Winner of the 2009 Newbery Medal

Oh, this is a good one. Now, to warn you, it starts out pretty graphically, and you may wonder if this is a good book for kids or not. Well, I wouldn't hand it to anyone under ten, but it's a blockbuster for the rest of us. Okay, we begin with Jack and his knife in the house. It's a knife that has completed almost all of its mission, and the blade is wet. Oooooh! Well, Jack has done in the parents and the sister, but the toddler has gone off in the night and finds himself in a graveyard. He is adopted by the dead there and given a new name: Bod, which is short for Nobody. Bod grows up and has a bit of an abnormal childhood. He has been given the ability to do some supernatural things while he's inside the graveyard. His journey takes him into the world of the Ghouls and out to the world of a normal school and a murderer. It sounds dark, but actually it's truly about choosing to live and live well. In some of the most threatening scenes, you have such a sense of the children being protected so warmly. I personally do not read thriller books and I was hesitant with this one, but I found that I had judged the book by its cover. Don't. This is one not to be missed.

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THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaiman, Trailer by Karen Green of Comstock, Texas


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