The Gollywhopper Games

The Gollywhopper Games

The way Gil Goodson sees it, this is his only chance to get out of town and escape the constant bullying and abuse he has been getting ever since his father was accused of embezzling money from the Gollywhomper Toy Company. Gil has been studying the company for months, and he's ready to compete in the Gollywhomper Games. If he wins, his dad says they'll have enough money to move the family, and Gil can start fresh somewhere. So, the games begin, and as you read, you can take the same clues that Gil and his team get to see if you can solve the riddles.

Twelve-year old Gil wants to win the Gollywhopper Games, not just for the prizes, but also to clear the family name after his father was accused of embezzling from Golly Game and Toy Company.First Gil must be selected as one of 25,000 to begin the games consisting of puzzles, mazes and obstacle courses.Gil outsmarts other contestants, uses his leadership skills and determination only to encounter some less-than-honest competitors who also are determined to win the games.Readers can enjoy solving the puzzles as well as reading the story.

Recommended by Beth Yankey, Librarian.

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