Boy/Girl Battle, Book 8: The Girls Take Over

Boy/Girl Battle, Book 8:  The Girls Take Over

The Malloy girls and the Hatford boys are trying to outdo each other once again in Phyllis Naylor's series of these jokester kids. The story begins with the ultimate game. Each group sends a bottle down the Buckham river, and whoever's bottle gets the farthest means that they get to be the Queen's or King's for the day, the others getting to be their servants. All seems fair, but when there is cheating involved and Caroline takes her acting skills too far, things get even more complicated and wet. State troopers, jail, lies, community service… maybe these kids will learn that there are consequences to their actions. Or will they? Who do you think will be the Kings or Queens for the day? 146 Pages Ages 8-11

Recommended by Maddie Reynolds

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