Witch and Wizard, Book 2: The Gift

Witch and Wizard, Book 2:  The Gift

The second book in the Witch and Wizard series finds Wisty (age 13) and Whit (age 15) taking leadership of the resistance made up of kids who have evaded the round up by “The One Who is the One”. Their parents are missing, many of the resistance have been captured, and spies for “The One” have infiltrated the resistance. The strength of the New Order grows to include harnessing the elements and controlling minds. Wisty and Whit hold the power to conquer the New Order; however, they do not yet know how to harness this power. Their story centers on evading and escaping the New Order. Very short chapters break up the 333 page, this is a fast-paced novel. More action and better writing than in the first book of the series, this story will please the teens who are waiting to see what has happened to Wisty and Whit. Again, chapters alternate between Wisty and Whit’s first-person points of view. The novel ends with “to be continued.” Recommended by Barbara Fiehn, Librarian.

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