The Gecko and Sticky: Villain's Lair

The Gecko and Sticky:   Villain's Lair

Bwaaaahahahaaaaaa! It isn't every day you meet a talking gecko. But Sticky the gecko does talk to Dave Sanchez and he has quite a story to tell. It seems the evil Damien Black possesses some Aztec ingots that Sticky would like to have. These ingots have special powers. Sticky has an Aztec wristband and when one of the ingots is inserted into that wristband, the wearer of the wristband gets a special superpower. This superpower could be the ability to fly or even to walk on walls and ceilings. It's amazing. This explains why Dave and Sticky are sneaking into Damien Black's home in search of the ingots. Danger is everywhere. You're in danger of dying laughing.

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