The Gatekeepers: Raven's Gate (Book One)

The Gatekeepers:  Raven's Gate  (Book One)

The slimy pickpocket walking the streets in search of a victim spots an elderly woman alone just fresh from the train station and knows he has easy success in his sights.  But this is no ordinary woman and the bloodcurdling scream is the last living act of the pickpocket as she turns her powerful, evil force on this mere blip on her radar.  This is the world that young Matt will enter at the direction of the well-meaning authorities.

Fourteen-year-old Matt lost his parents in a car accident that he foresaw. Now he's been foisted off on an aunt who doesn't care. So, when he finds himself on the wrong side of the law courtesy of some bullies and a strange twist, the authorities step in with little resistance from the crumbs of a family he has left. Matt finds himself in the possession of a little old lady, Mrs. Deverill, who lives a long train ride from civilization in the village of Lesser Malling in the wilds of Yorkshire. After a short time working there, Matt realizes he has to save himself and plots his escape. The moment arrives when all are away and Matt gathers his courage and escapes. But to his shock no matter which road he chooses they all lead him back to the same intersection. Something evil, very evil, is present and it has Matt in its power. So Matt seeks allies and finds one in a local journalist. This story carefully ratchets up the threat of danger and the presence of evil in the town. Seems Matt has some special gifts that drew the attention of a dark force. This team of evil-doers surrounds him and he cannot figure out who to trust and what their goal is. A dark thriller with carefully plotted action and a feeling that perhaps the story hasn't quite come to an end as the last page is turned. Ages 10 and up

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