The Frog Prince Continued

The Frog Prince Continued

And then they lived happily ever after – so ends the fairy tale of the Frog Prince. He has just been kissed by the Princess and has become a handsome prince. This is where our tale begins. Unfortunately, things are not all roses and flies for our Froggy friend and his princess. In fact, she’s pretty tired of him hopping around on the furniture. So, he sets out to find a witch who can turn him back into a frog so he CAN live happily ever after. He knows his fairy tales very well, and as he journeys along he meets a few witches he recognizes. There’s that one with the candy house and then there’s that one with the poisoned apple and …well, you get the idea. A wonderful read-aloud with humor and adventure and maybe your listener will recognize some of those witches too.

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