The Flint Heart

The Flint Heart

Be careful what you wish for! Thousands of years ago in the days when clever people might have their heads chopped off, a young warrior named Phutt decided he wanted to rule his tribe. He approached Fum, a man who made magical things, and demanded to know why Chief Brok got to be "at the top of the tree" in the tribe. Fum unwisely told Phutt that Brok's heart was harder than Phutt's heart. Phutt demanded a charm that would harden his heart. So the Flint Heart was born and sadly Phutt did wear the charm and become the leader of his tribe. Sadly, the charm did harden his heart and he was never the same again.

Thousands of years later, a farmer finds the Flint Heart and takes it for his own. His heart hardens too and his children fear him and wonder at the change in him. How can they make him nice again? At a family meeting the children decide to give their father a present, a present from the pixies. Two of his children, Charles and Unity, decide to visit the pixies and so our story unfolds.

If you're looking for a great family read-aloud, this adventure with its twists, turns and laugh out loud moments, will prove to be a treasure. Perhaps it too came by way of the pixies with its insightful pokes at humor nature, its just king and queen, and its firm belief that magic exists all around us if we but stop to look. Beautiful illustrations lend a touch of wistful wishes for the wondrous stories of yesteryear. 288 pages Ages 8-11

Recommended by: Barb

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