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  • The Fledging of Az Gabrielson: The Clouded World, Book One

The Fledging of Az Gabrielson: The Clouded World, Book One

The Fledging of Az Gabrielson: The Clouded World, Book One

Sixteen-year-old Az Gabrielson is a member of the Airborn, a society of individuals who live in cities above the clouds and move gracefully on eight-foot wings. However, Az is one of the rare individuals who was born without them. The teen has grown up having to make allowances for his lack, a task made easier because of the support of his loving parents and caring older brother. But things are changing in Az's aerial world: the elevators that have regularly brought food from the surface far below are coming up empty, and the situation is approaching a crisis stage. City officials determine that someone should descend to discover the reason for the disruption, but a person with wings would not blend in among the wingless inhabitants on the ground. Az is a natural for the mission -- but when he reaches his destination, he learns that he has not been told the entire truth about the people who live below the clouds. It takes a good deal of courage and resourcefulness on Az's part -- and the help of a spunky girl named Cassie Grubdollar--to solve the mystery and survive to return home.

Short chapters and nonstop action combine to make this book, originally published in England, a perfect choice for fantasy and science fiction fans and anyone else who appreciates a good story. Young people with "differences" will empathize with Az and be inspired by his achievements, and all kids will develop an appreciation for the struggles that individuals with disabilities face.

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian.

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