The Female of the Species


A hand...just a hand...sticking out of the dirt stripped down to the bone..gnawed on.   That's how they found Anna's body.  

If they found your older sister in the ground like that, what would you do?  How would you feel?  Would you be afraid or would you decide you were going to take justice into your own hands?

Alex Craft is Anna's younger sister.  Anna knew that Alex was a firecracker and that she was quick to explode.  Now that someone has taken Anna's life and not been found guilty, Alex is going to become her own judge and jury.  Her rage at the injustice of the world is going to be her license to create justice all her own.

But there is more to Alex than her rage.  She wants to have a friend.  She might even want to have a boyfriend.  When Jack finds out that it will be Alex who will graduate as valedictorian of their class, his interest is piqued.  He could have any girl he wanted but he wants to get to know Alex.

Alex with her stilted conversation learned from novels and her quick punch to the balls of his friend Park is someone he is interested in  not just someone he wants to fall in bed with.  

This is the story of Alex, Jack, Park, Peekay the Preacher's Kid and Brantley.  There are all kinds of females.  There are those who use their body for power and those who follow the rules according to their parents.

In a town where generations have gone drinking in the old church in the woods, not much new comes along.  Alex Craft is all about challenging the status quo and she doesn't regret one minute of it.

This book has great heart and an incredible heroine.  For those who want women to take back their own power this is a story that ranges from crude to empowering.  Not for the faint of heart.

For mature readers due to sex, language and violence

Ages 15 and up   352 pages  9780062320896

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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