The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester

The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester

Every life deserves a great adventure and Owen is about to have the opportunity of a lifetime despite the nagging voice of his grandfather's caregiver, Earlene, who wants cleanliness and nutrition to come first. Owen and his parents have moved into his grandfather's house and are now subject to the laws of Earlene. There's also the know-it-all neighbor, Viola, with her allergies and her bug-eyed glasses, who shows up uninvited to spout her knowledge in the face of Owen and his two eager partners in crime, Stumpy and Travis. It's a summer of bullfrogs and problem-solving. Owen caught the biggest, most beautiful bullfrog in the South after waiting patiently in the pond with various homemade devices. Now, Tooley, the bullfrog, is blinking and slowly fading under Owen's heartfelt care and Viola is insisting the frog is sad. One night, lying awake and listening to the sounds of the summer night, Owen hears the train coming down the track and then the sound of the crack of wood and then a "tumble, tumble" sound. Something had fallen off the train...but what? These are the ingredients of great adventure, freedom, flexing your self and the joy of being alive and free to experiment and try new things. Trapped by a stroke, Owen's grandfather serves as a silent teammate and great sounding board as Owen works his way through his problems. Should he let Tooley go free? Can he find what fell off the train and when he does will he be able to really make a great dream come true? Some people are willing to fight through the problems that come before great success and others quit and walk away. Some people accept the "gifts" of others and recognize the goodness that comes from working as a team. With nature serving as the setting with all of its croaking and buzzing and itching and sneezing possibilities, Owen comes alive and triumphs as he, too, finds freedom, a friend, and the wonder of adventure. Humor, insight, warmth and encouragement for spreading your wings reside here. 176 pages Ages 8-12

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I really like this book! The suspense kept me wanting to keep reading.

Recommended by: Srypkema
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