The Family Tree

The Family Tree

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Henry Holt and Company 2012
  • Character-Building Curriculum
  • Social Studies Curriculum

Once upon a time, men and women traveled out into the American wilderness in search of the parcel of land where they would use their own tools, their own hopes and their own determination to build their own homes and clear the land for their farms. 

This is the story of one young man who drove his covered wagon pulled by a team of oxen out into the wilderness.  Using his axe he chopped down trees to make boards and beams to build his house and his barn.  But, this man did not chop down every tree.  There was one special tree that he saved.  He saw that this tree would stand over his house and give it shade.   Then, he started his family and for generations his sons and grandsons and great grandson lived on the farm he had built.

Years and years later the tree still stood and the man's great-great grandson lived on the farm.  This boy loved the tree.  "It was like a friend to him."  Now, progress was coming.  Men decided to widen the highway near the farm and they said the beautiful tree was going to have to go.  All it had witnessed would disappear into sawdust and asphalt.  Was there anything the boy could do to save his tree?

978-0805090574  Ages  5-9  40 pages

Keyword: heritage

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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