The Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary School


The kids from Aesop Elementary School are back, and this time they rule the school as 5th graders! Rejoining them is their beloved kooky teacher Mr. Harry Valentine Jupiter, the only staff member at the school brave enough to take on this class of rowdy misfits. Each chapter, which ends in—what else?—a moral, contains a quick and funny story from the school year and highlights the different students who make up Mr. Jupiter’s unconventional class. Throughout the final year at Aesop, Mr. Jupiter’s students solve mysteries, learn math and art, teach their guinea pigs how to sing, take over the school TV station, try their hands at contortionism, and more! Each character, like brash Bernadette Braggaddocio, class clown duo Lenny and Bruce, and food-loving Ham Samitch, is delightfully silly, and reluctant readers would very likely enjoy their antics. Fans of Wayside School is Falling Down are sure to snap up this book, as well as its prequel, The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School. 170 pages.

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian.

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