The Eyeball Collector

The Eyeball Collector

Hector Fitzbaudly lives a life of privilege with his wine-merchant father in the wealthy northside neighborhoods of Urbs Umida. When his well-respected father is blackmailed by a one-eyed man and accused of selling cheap and addictive gin to the poor, Hector finds himself homeless and alone, trying to survive on the mean streets of the gin-soaked, seedy side of town.

That same one-eyed man, the Eyeball Collector, insinuates himself with the very rich Lady Mandible after being handsomely rewarded by Mr. Fitzbaudly's estate. Hector and the Eyeball Collector bump into each other and Hector, unrecognized by the swindler, is hired to hatch butterflies for one of Lady Mandible's "displays" at the Winter Feast being held in her odd castle, Withypitts Hall. Hector is hatching more than butterflies as he plots his revenge - but the sinister occupants of Withypitts Hall may be more dangerous than he could possibly imagine.

Note:  Companion novel to The Black Book of Secrets and The Bone Magician but not really a "series"

Recommended by Susan Grigsby, Librarian, Georgia USA

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