The End of Infinity

The End of Infinity

All his life, people have told Jack Blank what his future holds. He hasn’t always liked what they’ve had to say, but at times he’s wondered if they’re right. “I’m no hero.” “That’s up to you. A hero is just another name for a person who wants to make a difference. We can do that.”

Ever since jack Blank discovered he came from a place called the Imagine Nation, he’s been having difficulties embracing his true identity. Is he doomed because a Rüstov parasite is hidden in his body, or can he save the Imagine Nation from the Rüstov Invasion? First he must escape the Rüstov warship where he’s being held captive while his parasitic virus takes hold. And when he returns to the Imagine Nation to warn them of the impending disaster, will they believe him? Can they trust him? Can he get the warring factions of Imagine Nation to come together to face the real enemy? Although this is the end of the trilogy, readers won’t be disappointed with the fate of Jack and his friends.

ISBN: 9781416995678 398 action-packed pages Middle Grades 5-8

Recommended by: Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania, USA.

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