The Emperor's Silent Army

The Emperor's Silent Army

It's March, 1974, in northern China, and three farmers are headed out into the fields to find a place to dig a well to help them overcome the drought that is threatening ther crops. The three men begin to dig and suddenly, one of them strikes something unexpectedly hard. Is it a rock? To their great surprise as they scrape away the earth, they find themselves looking at the clay head of a man and they remember stories from years ago when someone else from their village found a "pottery man." These farmers report their find and archaeologists arrive to examine the terracotta figurines. It turns out they are Chinese warriors, sculpted with great detail, and weighing as much as one hundred pounds each. How many of these pottery soldiers were lying there guarding the emperor...about 7,500 in all. This discovery by the three farmers is now considered one of the great wonders of the ancient world. They were created in the time of the first emperor of China, "the fierce tiger of Qin." This fascinating picture book goes on to trace the history of Qin and his amazing terracotta army. Maps give a sense of place and vivid photographs reveal the details of the warriors and their amazingly lifelike Mongolian ponies. This is a striking moment in time and accomplishment that leaves you with a sense of mystery and amazement. A fascinating glimpse. Ages 7-12 48 pages

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