Selection Book 2 The Elite

Selection  Book 2  The Elite

Six girls left in the Selection process.  Which one will win the heart of the prince, Maxon?  America is struggling to know if her old love Aspen has her heart or if it's Maxon.  Can she trust him?  Can her trust her?   America is finding friends and enemies among the girls and winning the loyalty of the women who serve her day by day.  As the Selection process intensifies, the girls are asked to perform for the Report seen kingdom wide.  Then, America begins to read the diary Maxon has shared with her and what she finds there changes her way of looking at her world forever.

The romances tighten and the cast of characters shrinks and shifts.  Who is the front runner?  Is the kingdom in danger of being destroyed by rebels?  Not quite as delicious as the first book in the series but who can resist the possibilities of a heroine who is beginning to discover her own strength and a prince who is willing to be vulnerable?  Great fun!

978-0062059963  Ages 13 and up  323 pages

Recommended by:  Barb


The Selection which started with 35 girls is now down to 6. Only one will be crowned Princess of Illa and marry Prince Maxon.  America is a lowborn from caste 5. If she is chosen her family will be moved to 1’s. She seems to have been Prince Maxon’s favorite from the start. Whenever she is with Maxon she can’t imagine not wanting to be with him forever but then when she is with Aspen, her childhood friend who is guarding her she can’t let go of the plans they had made for their future.

Just when she thinks she has finally made her decision and feels good about it she is devastated by the loss of her best friend out of the group of girls. Yes, she did do something wrong but was her punishment really justified. Could she feel good being a Princess in this Monarchy?

As the competition turns cutthroat and the rebel attacks become more intense America knows her time is just about up. Who will she choose?

Recommended by:  Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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