The Easter Egg Artists

The Easter Egg Artists

Who puts the designs on the Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny to deliver? Why, the Abbotts do! Mr. and Mrs. Abbott and their son, Orson, are rabbits who love to paint designs on eggs and other things. While on vacation in the South, folks see the fabulous designs on their car and trailer and invite the Abbotts to decorate the town bridge. Orson does it all by himself and then more requests start to come in....

One you will read year after year.

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Hoppity-hop, hoppity- hop.......the Easter Bunny is here! The Easter Egg by Jan Brett is about all the bunnies getting ready for Easter and decorating eggs. Poor Hoppie can not think of an egg to make and decorate. He visits all of the other bunnies to get ideas. What idea is he thinking of? Read the book to see what his egg looks like. We liked when Hoppie was sitting on an egg because he was being nice to mama bird. We recommend this book to kids who like rabbits and Easter. If you like Easter, you will love this book!
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