The Desperate Dog Writes Again

The Desperate Dog Writes Again

The Desperate Dog Writes Again is the sequel to Eileen Christelow's Letters From a Desperate Dog. In this continuation the main dog character Emma, discovers that her owner, George, invites a stranger, Loretta, into the house and Emma thinks she might be harmful to George. The orange cat, who also lives in the same house, figures out before Emma that Loretta is George's new girlfriend. As a result, Emma goes back to the library to email her advice columnist Queenie to vent her woes and ask how to get rid of Loretta and Loretta's dog Hankie. Emma's feeling is that they are fine with the family as is. Hankie, Loretta's dog, feels stressed over her owner's new relationship too. So in the end Emma and Hankie figure out how to solve their relationship problems by discovering that they both enjoy the pizza that Loretta bakes for a living.

This is a great read aloud for young children as a springboard for a problem solving discussion about anything. The graphic style illustrations will keep your student's attention and bring humor to a difficult topic of human relations as it is seen through the eyes of canines.

Recommended by Tina Nabinger, School Librarian, New York

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