The Day I Was Rich (Little Bill)

The Day I Was Rich (Little Bill)

Kiku, Jose, Andrew, Michael, Fuschia and Little Bill have gotten together in the park to play a game of stick can hockey. They make up the rules and then everyone has to go find a can and a stick. Digging around in the trash in the park, Little BIll makes a great's a diamond...the biggest diamond he's ever seen! Everyone takes a guess as to how much it might be worth. Probably more than ten million dollars is their final answer. With something this valuable they better get home and put it somewhere safe. Then, Little Bill starts talking about what he's going to do with all of his money. To his credit he generously offers to share a million with each of his friends. Then, Andrew decides it must be worth about a billion so maybe he could give them each two million?What will they buy with all that money? Little Bill's father opens the front door and finds the group of millionaires standing excitedly outside. When he hears the story, he unfortunately bursts their bubbles by explaining that what they have is a glass paperweight and it's made in Taiwan. Oh the sadness and then oh the fun when they start laughing at themselves for having been so easily fooled. The book opens with a foreword by Dr. Alvin Poussaint about money and values and doing the right thing. An important book to share. 40 pages Ages 4-9

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