Children's Homer: The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy (The Children's Homer)

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From master storyteller Padriac Colum, winner of a Newbery Honor for The Golden Fleece, comes a collection of fifteen timeless stories inspired by classic Greek literature.

Travel back to a mythical time when Achilles, aided by the gods, waged war against the Trojans. And join Odysseus on his journey through murky waters, facing obstacles like the terrifying Scylla and whirring Charybdis, the beautiful enchantress Circe, and the land of the raging Cyclôpes. Using narrative threads from The Iliad and The Odyssey, Padraic Colum weaves a stunning adventure with all the drama and power that Homer intended.--from the publisher

247 pages                        9781534450370                                         Ages 10 - 14   Grades 5-9

Keywords:  mythology, action/adventure, fantasy, classic, Greek mythology, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old


Editor's Note:  This book is also part of a five book collection published as a set.

Five books. Five worlds. One masterful storyteller.

From Newbery Honoree Padraic Colum comes five captivating retellings of classic mythologies—now available together in a collectible boxed set! Readers of Percy Jackson will love the tales from around the world where genies grant wishes, heroes undertake epic quests, and gods and goddesses wage wars alongside mortals.

The Children’s Homer goes back to ancient Greece, where Achilles fights the Trojan prince Paris, and where Odysseus must survive sea monsters, a beautiful enchantress, and a raging cyclops to return home.

In The Golden Fleece, Jason and the Argonauts undertake a quest to reclaim the throne in a world where Prometheus steals fire from the gods and Zeus wages war against the Titans.

The Children of Odin explores Norse mythology, where dragons and giants roam the realms, Thor defends Asgard with his hammer, and trickster and shapeshifter Loki makes mischief.

In The Arabian Nights, King Shahryar threatens to execute his wife Shahrazad in the morning when she has finished telling him a story. But the clever storyteller saves her life again and again by never finishing her tale before the end of the night, captivating the king with the adventures of Sinbad, Ali Baba, and Aladdin.

In the Celtic tales of The Island of the Mighty, knights and heroes face menacing sorcerers in the land of King Arthur’s court.--from the publisher

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