The Century for Young People: 1906-1936: Becoming Modern America

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The Century for Young People: 1906-1936: Becoming Modern America

Respected journalists Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster partner up to introduce young people to the past in this first volume of the new Century for Young People series.Covering the years 1901 to 1936, it proves to be a well-written and informative look at the events that helped make America what it is today.The authors have collected brief snapshots of important events, such as the Wright Brothers’ first successful flight, the inauguration of President Theodore Roosevelt, the Great Depression, the suffragette movement, and World War I.Each section contains interviews from the corresponding time period, making this book an excellent primary source tool for research and a good overview of the first third of the past century.Middle and high school students will enjoy the fast paced read and will likely learn something they didn’t know before. 128 pages.

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian.

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