The Candidates (Delcroix Academy)

The Candidates (Delcroix Academy)

Fifteen year old Dancia has a secret she has tried to hide since she was six. Will she be able to keep that secret as she begins her freshman year at the exclusive Delcroix Academy? Dancia is attending the academy as a scholarship student only because her Grandmother and the compellingly attractive student recruiter, Cam, have convinced her she must give it a try. The school also has a secret. One that Dancia and Jack, another scholarship student, struggle to uncover. Are Cam and his friends what they seem or are they hiding something? Is Jack paranoid about being followed, or is he right?

This first novel and first in a new series, Delcroix Academy, is a great read for the girls who are tired of the vampire, werewolf, and other such characters. There is a lot of action and adventure as the story behind the academy is revealed. 304 pages

Review provided by:Barbara Fiehn, Assistant Professor
Western Kentucky University
[email protected]

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