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  • The Brimstone Key: Grey Griffins, Clockwork Chronicles, Book One

The Brimstone Key: Grey Griffins, Clockwork Chronicles, Book One

The Brimstone Key: Grey Griffins, Clockwork Chronicles, Book One

Max, Natalia, Ernie, and Harley were just a normal group of middle school kids a year ago, that is until they learned that ghost stories weren't just tall tales. There really are “things that go bump in the night”! Even more, together they find that they are the ones to save the world from all those evil creatures. Max leads the group, Natalia has the brains to get them out of the trickiest of situations, Ernie is a changeling with supernatural speed, and Harley is all muscles. But you wouldn't see any of that by just looking at them.

In this first book of the series, the kids are sent to Iron Bridge Academy, a prestigious school of magic and mysteries where they will be taught, together with several other unique children from around the world, to fight against evil. Every morning and afternoon they descend into an abandoned subway station and board an otherworldly train that is rumored to be alive. The train floats them through underwater tunnels and other worlds until they arrive to the secret location of Iron Bridge where the kids attend school. At school they aren't just being taught run-of-the-mill classes like grammar and history. They are being taught subjects, like MERLIN Engineering and Bounder Care.

Be prepared for 68 short chapters that will have you addicted to the words on the page. From the very beginning of the story, you are introduced to their next mission of tracking down The Clockwork King, an old enemy of Iron Bridge who steals changeling souls. It is up to the Grey Griffins to stop him from opening a portal into another world that could forever change everyone's world -- even ours.

Children and adults who delighted in the thrill of Harry Potter or the Iron Giant will definitely fall in love with this series, although anyone with a sense of adventure will add this series to the top of their favorite reads. Although it will help to read the series previous to the Clockwork Chronicles, there is enough information to begin and understand the adventures of The Grey Griffins. Here you have 369 pages of page-turning excitement!

Recommended by Maddie Reynolds


This book could easily be a video game complete with superpowers, points, ever rising dangers, and new levels of encounter and intrigue.  Max, Harley, Natalia, and Ernie have enrolled at the Iron Bridge Academy a school where kids with superpowers go to learn how to fight evil of all sorts and shapes.  The story is a mix of normal school behavior with bullies and rivals along with girls who suddenly disappear.  One student, Smoke, can teleport any where at any time.  Another has an amazing ability with speed.


Slowly the students begin to make sense of the danger and unexpected collisions they're having with inventions of the long deceased Clockwork King.  Changeling students begin to disappear one by one leaving no trace or clue.  


Kids who love to play video games will thoroughly enjoy reading about the levels of competition and combat as the story unfolds and they'll be able to visualize the screen with the challenges playing out before them.  Will you be able to defeat the Clockwork King?  Can these valiant kids who work as allies to the Knights Templar be able to defeat this level of evil?  Will their supernatural powers be enough to save the students who have been lost?  


Non-stop action colored with superpowers and steampunk inventions light up the pages like the best of all comic books only the pictures will be in your own mind.


370 pages  Ages  10-13  31267500571250

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