Boy/Girl Battle, Book 1: The Boys Start the War

Boy/Girl Battle, Book 1:  The Boys Start the War

The four Hartford boys are excited about their new across-the-river neighbors, until they discover their new neighbors are three girls. Josh & Jake (11), Wally (9), and Peter (7) were really hoping for a group of boys their age to move in so they could be best friends with them, but surely boys can't be friends with girls! Eddie (11), Beth (10), and Caroline (8) sense they are unwelcome, but know for sure when the boys dump dead fish and animals into the river. The boys may have started the war, but the girls are just as clever and as full of pranks as they are. You'll be sure to stay enticed in this story, quickly turning pages to see who will be the jokester next. Cakes will fly, nightmares will be initiated, and tricks will be played. But will someone take their prank too far? Ages 8-11 133 Pages

Recommended by Maddie Reynolds

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