The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His First Case: Eye of the Crow

The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His First Case:  Eye of the Crow

Sherlock Holmes is a young Jewish boy living in hard conditions in London. His father was a brilliant upcoming scientist, and his mother was of high birth with a beautiful voice. They were shunned by both families upon their marriage and left to eke out an existence. In these circumstances we meet young Sherlock who chooses the school of the streets over the actual classroom. His wanderings lead him to the murder of a young woman - a brutal murder - and he is shortly suspected of being an accomplice to the young Arab man accused of the crime. Sherlock summons his powers of observation and his uncanny photographic memory to piece together the story. Along the way he learns some powerful lessons about life, which shape him and create within him a determination to dedicate his life to justice. "He will become a deadly, thinking force." Ages 10-14

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