The Big Something (Fiercely & Friends)

The Big Something  (Fiercely & Friends)

It's got chapters. It's got a dog. It's got a lady next door wearing a witch hat and she's painting candy and ice cream cones all over her house just like hmmm...Hansel and Gretel. Fiercely the dog is deep into his current yard work which translates as digging a hole...a very deep hole. So he misses the action when Jim and Jilli hear some noises coming from the neighbor's yard on the other side of the fence. When they peek through the fence, they see something odd.

There's a lady, a cackling lady, painting her house red and she's adding pictures of delicious looking candy here and there as she goes. Does she want to eat them for supper? Oh the mystery. Oh the suspense. It's wonderful to find a book written for those young readers who are looking for a book that really honors how they feel and what they can handle even though they may be in kindergarten, first or second grade. Truly refreshing in its honesty, originality and spine-tingling suspense. 40 pages Ages 5-8

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