Sophie did not even believe in giants, but on a fitful night of sleep at the orphanage she was snatched right out of the window in her nightie. Luck have it her way that she was taken by the Big Friendly Giant and not by any other of the man-eating giants that snatch little girls and boys from their beds, especially not the Childchewer.


The B.F.G. takes Sophie to giant country for fear of being discovered by others, but when Sophie hears of all the other giants and how gruesome, nasty and mean they are, she convinces the B.F.G. to help put an end to the giants' evil ways. Who would have thought that a giant would ever have breaky with the Queen of England or that dreams have to be captured in a net like butterflies? 224 pages Ages 9-12


Submitted by M. R.R.

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this story was suckey and had of bad jokes. Like who writes a story with a giant that is just silly. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is a great read-aloud book, but nobody reads it better than the late Natasia Richardson. Her audiobook rendition is worth every penny and gives the book another life. My kids have listened to it more than I can count, and now my son has chosen to read it to himself. funny and just the right amount of suspense and thrill for young ears.
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