Captain Underpants The Adventures of Captain Underpants (Book 1)

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Captain Underpants The Adventures of Captain Underpants  (Book 1)

Fourth graders Harold Hutchins and George Beard are up to their eyeballs in trouble when their principal, Mr. Krupp, catches them in the act pulling their usual pranks. This pair is constantly coming up with new adventures for the comic book superhero they've invented and constantly inventing new trouble to get into themselves. Mr. Krupp has had them in his sites for a long time and now he finally has them right where he wants them. Well, maybe he had them there for a minute but then they mailed away for a hypno ring and now Mr. Krupp is the one running around in his underwear in his brand new persona, Captain Underpants. Who is going to win? The superhero/principal, the bad guys or Harold and George? This is a hilarious romp well decorated with flip o rama pages that add to the sense of wackiness and action-packed hilarity. Perfect for those reluctant Jokester Thrillseeking Party Animals and their good friends the Wild Thing/Mirette/Annie Oakleys. Ages 7-10 128 pages

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this book is epic i love it when he toots
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