Thank You Sarah The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving

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Once upon a time Thanksgiving was being forgotten across America. Oh, sure, there were a few turkey dinners being cooked up in New England, but across the land it was generally being ignored. Then along came Sarah Josepha Hale, a woman who wielded a mighty pen in support of many causes in her lifetime. Her greatest cause, though, was her wanting to see the entire country sharing a day of thanks. So, she entreated President after President to declare a day of Thanksgiving. It took a few decades, but finally Abraham Lincoln said yes. She’s a great role model for young people about determination and not giving up on something you really believe in.

40 pages                      978-0689851438                                 Ages 5-8

Keywords:  Thanksgiving, American history, social activist, women, holiday, perseverance, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, tradition, customs

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From the author of Speak and Fever, 1793, comes the never-before-told tale of Sarah Josepha Hale, the extraordinary "lady editor" who made Thanksgiving a national holiday!

Thanksgiving might have started with a jubilant feast on Plymouth's shore. But by the 1800s America's observance was waning. None of the presidents nor Congress sought to revive the holiday. And so one invincible "lady editor" name Sarah Hale took it upon herself to rewrite the recipe for Thanksgiving as we know it today.

This is an inspirational, historical, all-out boisterous tale about perseverance and belief: In 1863 Hale's thirty-five years of petitioning and orations got Abraham Lincoln thinking. He signed the Thanksgiving Proclamation that very year, declaring it a national holiday. This story is a tribute to Hale, her fellow campaigners, and to the amendable government that affords citizens the power to make the world a better place!---from the publisher


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